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Welcome to Digital.contact !

Digital.Contact is a platform that allows you to create: Digital contact cards , Mini sites , Online shops with menus; all in less than 15 minutes.

Digital.contact has adopted the vision and approach of the world to sustainability, preserving the environment and devoting digital technology to the advancement of human life and society for the good of all.

We want to participate in the digitization of our continent with a solution that adapts to the most used means of communication: the smartphone (90% of internet access worldwide is done with a smartphone).

Our mission is to facilitate professional relationships and create better business opportunities, while reducing the amount of printed paper in companies.

We believe that a good first impression, combined with a lasting relationship with your customers, is the key to the success of your business.

We use technology to change the way people interact in the business world, by creating a personalized digital business card, made in less than 15 minutes, that lasts forever and does not harm the environment.

We are a professional Digital Company and business interactions Start-up.

With our solution, companies in the most diverse segments have the opportunity to transform the way their employees share their professional information, strengthening the relationship with customers and partners.

We also believe in safe and eco friendly social communication is a must in business’s world, where you need to be carrying all your business briefcase digitally and running no out of copies, sharing them freely with your customers and also you will be able to get their contact info on the spot.

In old days, it happened a lot that you are out of paper business cards in very important events.

And you spare a huge space to archive all your customers’ business card and finding them in the right time.

Also, 2022 pandemic make people change their way of touchless thinking.