Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

Is service absolutely Free? yes , but only for Beginners.
Where can I use it? Everywhere. You can post the link in your social nets, Instagram, email signature, advertising articles. The QR-code can be added to presentations, printed on business cards and ads. Your clients will use the link to get in touch with you.
How to place more info in the Digital Card? This is not possible but you can add buttons with links to correct pages in the Internet. 1. If you have a site – add button with a link to the page you need. 2. No site? Not to worry! Here’s a free variant – create a blog on или Then - paragraph 1. 3. Another simple and free way - a memo in Evernote. Simply create it and use the link to it.
Where can I find the link to my Digital Card? The link is always in the upper part of the settings.
Can I add two WhatsApp buttons? No. Only 1 per account .
How can I communicate with you?